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Dominican Amber

Haitian Painting

Dominican Carnival Masks

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D'Caribbean Gifts
Dulce Isalguez Parker
Cultural Educator & Jewelry Designer

Thank You” to all of our friends
for attending my

Annual Holiday Cultural Open House

It was great seeing you again!
Hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving!

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Special Holiday Sale 20–25 % OFF

Beautiful, One of the kind” Handcrafted Caribbean Semiprecious Stones and Silver Jewelry. Large collection of Dominican Larimar (a rare ocean blue stone), Dominican multicolored Amber, Black Coral, Pink Shells, Lapis Lazuli, Fresh Water Pearls, Red Coral, Swarovski Crystals, Agates, and other Gemstones
ultural items and collectibles from around the world

Wonderful holiday gifts for everyone!

& Taste delicious Dominican food

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Dulce Parker email:  Dulceip@aol.com or
972 276-4972


Amber & Larimar

Amber, Red Coral, & Lapis Lazuli

Mixed Gemstones & Red Coral

Larimar Silver Rings

Collectibles- European Ceramics

Hand Carved Mahogany Sculpture

Haitian Oil Painting

Dominican Drums – Cultural Items

All of our jewelry are handcrafted of the best quality authentic stones; hand cut, hand beaded, and hand painted. We combine our Caribbean/Dominican semi-precious stones with other gemstones from all over the world to make unique and beautiful necklaces, bracelets, rings, earring and pendants.

Larimar is a rare ocean blue semi-precious stone only found in the Dominican Republic. It come in a variety of blue color and each stone piece is unique and different in color.

Amber - Our Amber is from the Dominican Republic and is internationally known for it natural beauty and its florescent multi-colors ranging from honey-rum to green, orange and yellow shades. We have a large beautiful Amber stones jewelry collection; many pieces have natural fauna/plants inside them.

Cultural/Art Items & Collectibles – As I have traveled around the world in the last 40 years, I have collect unique cultural and education items (ceramics, porcelain, Mahogany sculptures, masks, paintings, crystals, Guatemalan dresses and books). These items are collectibles, hand painted, and hand carved from Africa, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Turkey, Mexico and other Latin countries.

Sale of our Cultural Items support my nonprofit cultutral education organization, Making Connections, Inc..

Phone: (972) 276-4972
email: Dulce@DCaribbeanGifts.com
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